:: N/um Blaze ::

Toledo    No Time    Loops    Blaze    Symbol    A Million   Crown    Leaf

:: 2015 :: 30cm x 42cm :: Inks & Markers on Card ::

The experience of the apparent arrival of a supernatural power is one of profound meaning and intensity. I first experienced it during a trance-dance session following a particularly long and unpleasant migraine, and have subsequently felt its emergence within me on a number of occasions. It begins as a kind of ‘ecstatic pain’ – the San description of n/um that ‘it boils in my belly’ being very appropriate here! – before powerful emotions of wonder and a wild cycling of energy propel me into a perceptual place beyond both ecstasy and pain. I speak of it only rarely, but the question of what happens in my neurology during these episodes is one that continues to fascinate me.

N/um Blaze


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