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Bruce Rimell is a visual artist, illustrator, poet and independent researcher whose various wanderings across the planet have brought him to the twin cities of Leeds-Bradford in northern England, where he lives with his partner Chris, very much in love. He was born and raised in the county of Wiltshire, a landscape of sustained megalithic magic, and he has retained that sense of animism and wonder that we all experience as children. For as long as he can remember, he has suffered with migraines with a profoundly visionary nature and this mixture of neurology with a profound sense of the ancestral and mythical implied by such experiences has long nurtured in him a drive to explore the origins of both humanity and the universe.

Bruce Rimell About 1

After studying astrophysics at the University of Birmingham, he spent his early twenties living in Japan, a sojourn which helped him identify art as his life's calling. Ten years of honing his craft - technically as well as through researches into mythology, archaeology, palaeoanthropology and plant psychedelia - led him to create unique visual styles, stylised vivid forms and techniques such as the Dual Image medium, and he turned professional in 2007. Since then, he has exhibited all over the world in a diverse range of venues from formal gallery spaces to offbeat locales as part of touring shows: highlights have included churches, festivals, outdoor spaces and an exhibition in a maloca on indigenous land in the Colombian rain forest.

Bruce Four Shirtless

His global artistic profile is steadily rising, particularly since joining the 'Dreams & Divinities' roster of artists in 2013 in various exhibition tours across the world, including Spain, France, Germany, Mexico, Colombia and various cities in the USA, most recently San Francisco & Dallas. He has also been represented by Cupola Gallery in Sheffield, UK since 2008. He is also an independent researcher, with a specialism in the cognitive science of religion, the origins of symbolic culture in the African Middle Palaeolithic and the cognitive foundations of artistc experience. He has published three books on these themes as part of an emerging philosophy entitled Visionary Humanism.

Me and Chris on Mt Kolekto
Bruce and his partner Chris atop Mt Kolekto on the south coast of Crete


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