:: Xisk'opon Tal Li Chauke ~ Thunder Comes To Talk To Me ::

Yaxal Vinajel    tree    Ixim    Jaguar    Thunder    Nichimal    Kawiil    Vayijel    Maruche

:: 2015 :: 45cm x 60cm :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::

This work is twinned with Ja' Jchanul Bolon ~ My Other Soul Is A Jaguar as they are intended to be mirrors of each other. Soon after arriving in San Cristóbal, still feeling the stress of the journey and jetlag, I fell asleep exhausted in the middle of the day, and had a vivid dream of the sky closing in, the clouds coming alive and thunder singing out across the new landscape I was in. I ran to a cave to escape the rain, but deep within I heard whispering voices telling me they were the voice of thunder, and upon waking my body was covered in an electric sensation very similar to migraine somatic experiences. Knowing that modern Maya people still held Chac the Storm God in high regard (and in various Christian guises) I felt with this dream I had truly arrived into Mexico.

Thunder Comes To Talk To Me

thunder comes
to talk to me

murmurs slow and low
from far-flung horizons
I have not yet seen

an electric wave
across my cortex,
a distant line of light

clouds pile up with
hollow flashing glints of
arrow-tipped warriors riding forth

the storms arrive
crashing through my ground:
I am surrounded by song


and suddenly behold:
intimately transgressive,
speaking into me

pierced by holy deluge dancers,
their half-fractured words
a splash-whisper symphony

and I take flight,
rising through the rain,
lost in a new sky

the heavens open
and I am soaked with truths,
the ecstatic pain of knowing

thunder who comes
to talk to me


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