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Fuck Me    Oh Yes    Ganymede

:: 2019 :: 60cm x 120cm ('The Ecstasy In Me' Panel #2) :: Acrylics, Inks & Markers on Canvas ::

If 'Fuck Me Love Me...' sought to skewer the middle class complacencies of 'sacred sexuality' depictions, this panel aimed to pierce into the heart of some of the wildest sexual moments I've ever had in my life - the experience of being a sexual submissive in the context of BDSM and kink - and to express this mindblowing aspect of sexual life with frankness, beauty and honesty.

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Here, the look on my face says it all (turn the image around to see). What at first seems like a dangerous, even life-threatening, situation in which I am being belt-whispped and choked during sex, is revealed by the smile on my face to be a form of play, one which propels me deeper into ecstasy during sex. It is a philosophical adage that pain and pleasure are two sides of the same human reality: during BDSM and sexual kink play, this can be revealed quite astonishingly as an embodied experience.

Pain and breath control (in a safe environment with someone you trust) can be as much pathways to ecstasy as sex itself. Note also something subtle: the posture of the 'Top' is not merely one of exertion and dominance, but also of deep concentration and care. He too is walking his own finely-balanced line between pleasure and pain, acting out and reality, violence and gentleness.

Oh Yes He Fucked Me


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