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Whisper    Prisoner    Garden    Blade    Jaguar    Xibalba    Eros    Dying God


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This series of works from 2010-11 explores the dark, light and ambiguous aspects of dreams and their effects upon my waking life. Drawing from experiences of night-time dreams and surreal daydreams, these are personal responses to the Shadow (in Jungian terms) or Chapel Perilous into which I have been plunged recently. Each image seeks to be both surreal with a visionary edge, personally challenging and provocative but also an exploration of life, sexuality, death, self-destruction, self-re-creation, sorrow and light, and the path walked in creating them is the result of diving into that dark and wondrous wellspring of the subconscious and setting myself the task of transforming personal dark sorrows into transcendent joyous light. Now that they are completed, and I can review them and the harrowing path I have walked in creating them with a rising sense of ease and clarity, I do feel that my future will be stronger and brighter for having been brave in the dark...





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