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The Iconotropies images consist of a short series of four images in silver aerosols and blue inks and markers, exploring primarily not the daily and ritual lives of Bronze Age Cretans but the kaleidoscopic misinterpretations of Cretan history that have resulted from later iconotropic readings of Minoan imagery. Coined by Robert Graves, the word iconotropy refers to the deliberate or accidental misreading by one culture of the symbols, icons or myths of an earlier one in order to maintain the worldview of the later, often dominating, culture. Such a process appears to have been common in the Ancient and Classical Mediterranean; these four studies aim to suggest both the original sense of the icon and the later misreading. In some cases, the resultant study is similar to images from the preceding Ring Seals work, most notably with Talos Or The Baetyl which is remarkably similar to The Vision On The Baetyl, but it is the underlying intention that differs. The Iconotropies were created in 2009 using inks, markers and aerosol paint on canvas, with dimensions of 36cm x 28cm.

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