:: Lucaion Fisher of the Stars ::

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:: 2015 :: 50cm x 75cm :: Acrylics, Inks and Markers on Canvas ::

Lucaion is the Queer Hero of the Frnal Cosmos, who sets the planets in the sky and initiates the events in which the Song of Heaven is sung. As a hero, he does not seek to act upon the Fernal Cosmos through violence or trickery but through perceptive understanding and intelligent interaction, and his story is narrated in the Song of Lucaion. Afer decided that the sky, filled only with static stars, needs beings who will move around, and tells Atlai to set Lucaion upon the task. Atlai transforms Lucaion's little boat into Ferzoncuai, a living ship who sings, and Lucaion and Atlai sleep together, birthing the planets who fly out to every corner of the Fernal Garden. Lucaion's task is to gather them and place them in the sky, however upon seeking the eighth planet, the ship Ferzoncuai turns to the Underworld, for the eighth planet is Lucaion's very soul

We see here Lucaion - whose name means 'Light of Eternity' - entering the Underworld attended by all the planets he has gathered so far. The dark sky is filled with strange hybrid beings, the myriad spirits of the Underworld, and Lucaion is seen naked with only his fishing equipment to adorn him. He sheds a tear for he knows he is about to die to himself, while to the right, Ferzoncuai's gaze is locked upon the Heavens in the hope of escaping the Underworld alive. At length, Lucaion will die and be reborn - with the help of all the planets - and they will both return to the Heavens, with Ferzoncuai singing the Song of Heaven as they place the planets into the sky.

Lucaion Fisher of the Stars



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