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Bruce Rimell is an internationally-exhibited visual artist, poet and independent researcher, based in Leeds-Bradford in the UK, who works principally with visionary, ethnographic, archaeological and cognitive themes. His vibrant imagery springs from the alchemy of personal visionary experiences since childhood, shimmering inner sensations of archaeological prehistories, the humanist interplay of the cognitive and ethnographic, and dynamics of the queer and the mythological. Rendered in a vivid style which as much recalls Aboriginal textures, Mayan codices and Minoan frescoes as it does graffiti art, psychedelic experience and surrealist forms, his art occupies a space somewhere between painting, drawing and illustration, and a time somewhere between the ancestral past and the shamanic future.

The central focus of his practice is to bring ancient, indigenous and intuitively human images into the modern field of experience, variously inviting or challenging the viewer to look underneath the contextual aspects of contemporary art and modern experience to view the universalities and disquieting visionary sensations common to all human cultures past and present, and which we have inherited from our ancestors. He aims to speak to those aspects of us which operate without words – dreams, magic, psychedelic experiences, animistic songlines and other non-rational modes of experience feature strongly – whilst abstract commentaries and critical positions are abandoned in a quest to seek and express direct communion with the deepest essences of the living and sacred human being: Come and see, and look within. What will you find?



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Thematic Keywords: Visions, Ethnography, Archaeology, Cognition, Consciousness, Queer Theory, Humanism
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In July 2017, I issued a short statement about the future direction of my art and research, which included no longer referring to myself as a 'visionary artist', a self-designation I have become increasingly distant from for the past couple of years. You can read about that here or by clicking the image on the right. The text may also be seen as a work-in-progress for a future Artist Statement.
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:: selected exhibitions and group shows ::

Melkhoutfontein, Western Cape, South Africa Third phase of the PaintUp with Kamamma project
London Loop, London, UK Inclusion of artwork in London-based street poster campaign
Château de Comper, Concoret, Brittany, France Second venue for 'Le Cerf Sacré - The Sacred Deer' exhibition
Chimeria Festival, Sedan, Ardennes, France New Dual Image artwork in this International Visionary Art festival
Cupola Gallery, Sheffield, UK Solo Retrospective - Beyond Demons And Angels exhibition
Melkhoutfontein, Western Cape, South Africa Second phase of the PaintUp with Kamamma project continues
Inkwell Arts, Leeds, UK Artwork in 'Queerology' LGBTQ-themed exhibition
Visions Chamaniques, Paris, France Fernal artwork in 'Le Cerf Sacré - The Sacred Deer' exhibition
Yumake Eco-Village, Rio Don Diego, Multi-panel artwork in Semilla de la Anaconda exhibition
Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia     
Melkhoutfontein, Western Cape, South Africa PaintUp with Kamamma project with 'Dreamcatchers South Africa'
Atelier Gustave, Paris, France Exhibition of artwork in 'Art for Peace' travelling show
Patrick Studios, Leeds, UK Exhibition of artwork in 'The Human Condition' group show
Cupola Gallery, Sheffield, UK Inclusion of artwork in 'The Beautiful Is Always Bizarre' summer show
Galerie Flox, Schirgiswalde-Kirschau, Germany Second venue of 'Art for Peace' travelling show
Ammon Ra Gallery, Monterrey, Mexico Inclusion of one artwork in 'Dreams & Divinities Mexico'
Inkwell Arts, Leeds, UK Two artworks in 'Transitions' LGBTQ-themed exhibition
Luminarte Gallery, Dallas, TX, USA Exhibition of one artwork in new 'Dreams & Divinities' exhibition
Gallery X, Dublin, Ireland Exhibition of work in show 'The Exquisite Diversity of Desire'
Bash Contemporary, San Francisco, CA, USA Inclusion of two artworks in 'Dreams & Divinities Fernal' show
Ex-Conventio de Santo Domingo,  
San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico Inclusion of two artworks on Aztec themes in International Art show
Marienplatz, Witten Germany Exhibition of artworks in group show 'Seis'
Blue Door Gallery, Yonkers, NY, USA Inclusion of three new artworks in 'Visionaries: Seers of the Soul'
Chimeria Festival, Sedan, Ardennes, France Exhibition of three new artworks in this International Visionary Art festival
ArtManila Art Fair, Manila, Philippines Artwork Song of Sky Trickster in the 'Endangered Visions' exhibit
Centro Cultural San Marcos, Toledo, Spain Inclusion of artwork in 'Dreams & Divinities' Visionary Art show
Sala de Arte, Maracena, Granada, Spain Second venue of 'Dreams & Divinities' International Visionary Art show
The Voice Project Launch of the Voice Project - February 2013
Atelier Porte-Soleil, Paris, France Inclusion of artwork in 'Art Visionnaire Contemporain' exhibition
Forum Factory, Berlin, Germany Exhibition of several works in group show
Apiary Studios, Hackney, London, UK Inclusion of Xibalba Song in Guerrilla Zoo's 'Modern Panic IV' exhibition
Fabric Gallery, Bradford, UK Selection of works in three-artist collaborative exhibition
Cartwright Hall, Bradford, UK Solo Retrospective - DNA Visions exhibition
Phantasten Museum, Vienna, Austria Inclusion of Mykeon in International Visionary Art exhibition
Cosmo Festival, Taunton, UK Live artist & exhibitor at Elixir Of Life project
Glade Festival, Norfolk, UK Live artist & exhibitor at Elixir Of Life project
Skylight Gallery NYC, New York City, USA Selection of works from Eleusis series in group show Room Number 5
Cupola Gallery, Sheffield, UK Two works in summer show 'Urban' and winter show 'Revelations'
Stadtwerke, Witten, Germany Selection of works in group show Panta Rhei
Marienplatz, Witten, Germany Two pieces in Planet Earth Planet Art Mirca Art group show
Design Innovation Centre, Leeds, UK Solo show - Dreams & Nightmares exhibition
Union 105 Gallery, Leeds, UK Touring Venue of Dialogue Among Civilisations exhibition
Marienplatz, Witten, Germany Solo show - Minoan Honey & Other Stories exhibition
University of Malta, Msida, Malta Continuation of Mirca Tour for Human Rights exhibition
Cupola Gallery, Sheffield, UK Two new works in the gallery's 20th Anniversary Show
The Bingley Gallery, Bingley, UK Solo show - Life:Blood exhibition
Durban Art Gallery, Durban, South Africa Contribution to Dialogue Among Civilisations exhibition
The Rainbow Experience, Cape Town, South Africa Third venue for Freedom & Art Mirca Art travelling exhibition
Kahlshof, Rodenkirchen, Cologne, Germany Three pieces in Planet Earth Planet Art show (first venue)
The Art House, Wakefield, UK Solo Show - Life, Death, Gene, Flesh exhibition
Murphy Hill Gallery, Chicago, USA Work in group show Five Decades Of The Fantastic
Mount Beacon Fine Art Gallery, Beacon NY, USA First venue for Freedom & Art Mirca Art travelling exhibition
Yorkshire Craft Centre, Bradford, UK Solo show - Digital Lines : Ancient Words exhibition
ArtMazia, Massy, France Exhibition of Honey For The Mistress Of the Labyrinth painting
Design Innovation Centre, Leeds, UK Solo Show - On Gold & Stone exhibition
Karpeles Manuscript Museum, NY, USA Second venue for Freedom & Art Mirca Art travelling exhibition
Leeds College of Art & Design, Leeds, UK Solo show - Modern Palaeolithic exhibition
Östra Gymnasiet, Trangsund, Sweden Contribution to Mirca Tour for Human Rights exhibition
00130 Gallery, Helsinki, Finland Contribution to Draw-In exhibition
Cupola Gallery, Sheffield, UK Exhibition of a variety of works as stock artist, until present day
The Bingley Gallery, Bingley, W Yorks, UK Exhibition of Epiphany painting as part of group show
Yorkshire Craft Centre, Bradford, UK Exhibition of digital work in Flesh Open Exhibition
Priestley Theatre, Bradford, UK Exhibition of Digital works as part of group show
STIR Bradford Festival, Bradford, UK Inclusion of Flying Fox in the This Is Not Cannes film festival
Mitzpe Ramon, Negev, Israel Exhibition of commissioned Negev Desert rock art pieces


:: publications and media ::

They Shimmer Within Illustrated thesis on visionary beings, forthcoming Dec '17
Fuck Hate Inclusion of art work in anti-homophobia publication
Liminal Contact Illustrated thesis on cognitive aspects of painting
Bucovina Literara, Suceava, Romania Retrospective selection of work in Romanian literary journal
On Vision and Being Human Illustrated thesis on Visionary Humanism, Autumn 2015
Encyclopaedia of Fernal Affairs, Paris France Contributing artist & myth/language creator
The Tripping Spriggan, Psychedelic Press, UK Inclusion of salvic poem in Altered State Poetics Anthology
Visionaries: Seers of the Soul, NY, USA ‘The Dream Of Bellerophon’ and other works featured.
Chimeria 2014 Catalogue, Sedan, France 'Ch'ul Totik Ixim' artwork featured
Eleusis Beautifully-presented book of my 2011-2012 series
Divining The Dream, Paris, France Two Eleusis artworks in this International Visionary Art book
Galactic Trading Card Complex Inclusion of 'Janus Lux Mundi' in 'Celestial Set'
Shamanic Quest For The Spirit Of Salvia Salvic artwork in this forthcoming book by Ross Heaven
Ink & Marker Visions: Images Of Playful Archetypes... Retrospective of Ink & Marker illustrative & visionary work
Invisible College Magazine, Pacific Northwest, USA Issue #7, published Winter Solstice 2012
COSM Journal, New York, USA Three images in vol #7: Cosmic Creativity
Dialogue Among Civilisations, Durban, South Africa Project publication from Art for Humanity
A&U Magazine, USA Red Ochre... artwork in support of Real Stories Gallery
Visionary Artists Podcast Interview on podcast VAP007 (2010)
Real Stories Gallery, New York, USA Artworks as part of a creative dialogue about HIV/AIDS
Planet Earth Planet Art Mirca Art Group artists book - Contributing Artist and Editor
Logical Unsanity, Australia Inclusion of Visionary work in the Spring '08 edition
Freedom & Art Mirca Art Group artists book - Contributing Artist
Northern Exposure, UK Design of magazine cover based on digital pieces
Visionary Revue, France Six pieces from the ::salviaspace:: project
Entheogen Review, CA, USA Inclusion of two pieces from the ::salviaspace:: project


:: awards, recognition & permanent collections ::

Artworks in private collections across Germany, Israel, the USA and the UK
Art Centre, Melkhoutfontein, Western Cape, South Africa Mural design paintings in permanent community collection
Private Collections, Cologne & Witten, Germany Several Dual-Image artworks from the Hidden Light series
ArtsMix* Emerging Artists Award, Leeds, UK Winner of Fine Art 2D Practitioner Award
Durban Art Gallery & Municipal Collection, Durban, South Africa Blombos: We Are All South African accepted into permanent collections
Flesh Open Exhibition, YCC, Bradford, UK Co-winner of Merit Award with ...Flesh Alone
Inspired By World Heritage, Saltaire, Bradford, UK First Prize Winner with Five Mountains
Negev Jeep Karkom Tours, Mitzpe Ramon, Israel Negev Rock Art series in permanent collection


:: memberships ::

Royal Society of the Arts Invited to become a Fellow of the RSA
Dreams & Divinities Initiative to bring visionary and surrealist artforms to global venues
Visionary Artists Group International network of artists working in the visionary, the imaginal and the surreal
Archetypal Expressionism Group Select group of artists seeking a 'third-way' dynamic between figurative and abstract
Society For Art Of Imagination International group aiming to publicise visionary and surreal art


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