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An important feature of my work is to engage in artistic researches towards particular goals, sometimes in parallel with my book publishing endeavours. My series of visionary illustrations, On Vision and Being Human, and Eleusis, a quest to uncover the secret behind the Elusinian Mysteries are in this latter vein: you can find the associated books for these series via my Xibalba Books Publishing Imprint. Also to be found here is PaintUp with Kamamma, a series of mural sketches and designs for a mural project in South Africa - you can see the final painted murals here too. Other artistic researches have included the creation of a complete and working fictional language, called Fernalese, and my Hidden Light series, an ongoing dual-image set of works which aim to express 'seeing in a sacred manner'.

PaintUP with Kamamma PaintUp with Kamamma
In March 2016 I participated in an exciting venture to create murals in the town of Melkhoutfontein, Western Cape, South Africa exploring the community's deep cultural history and help create a brighter future for the people. You can read all about the project and see the designs and final murals here...
On Vision and Being Human On Vision and Being Human
A selection from a series of visionary drawings from 2013-15 illustrating my book of the same name exploring visions and symbolic cognition as fundamentals of human experience. These drawings seek to explore visionary experience in a simultaneously experiential, interrogative and didactic way...
Fernalese Ferxao ~ The Fernalese Language
An artistic constructed language created to adorn The Encyclopaedia of Fernal Affairs. Fernalese is an egalitarian and paradisical language that delights in playful expressions of colour, and is a linguistic complement to The Fernal World art project also visible on this site.
Eleusis Eleusis
The result of a year-long mythological, visionary and experiential quest, this series of sacred icons seeks to lift the veil from the Eleusinian Mysteries and reveal the world-healing secrets that the initiates learned beyond the threshold of the Propylaia...
Hidden Light Day, Night & Hidden Light
An occasional series of dual-image works which uses transparent ultraviolet media to enfold into a painting an image invisible by daylight, which is then revealed upon illumination with UV light. The intention here is to express 'seeing in a sacred manner' in a brand new, and often surprising way...
Minoan Honey Minoan Honey
An ongoing series of works and texts exploring the beauty, femininity and partnership, chalice-oriented aspects of the Minoan Civilisation of Bronze Age Crete. Drawing upon archaeology, mythology and experiences from sacred rituals, this project recalls 'the last time the West was sane'...


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