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On Vision and Being Human
A new approach to visionary experience in the 21st century - Released November 1st 2015

I am delighted to announce the publication of my book, entitled 'On Vision and Being Human: Exploring the Menstrual, Neurological and Symbolic Origins of Religious Experience'. This essay explores the problems presented by visionary experience in the modern world, and suggests symbolic cognition as a way to come to a new understanding of the human being in the 21st century as living in two different worlds, one of scientific evidence and one of imaginative colour. This beautifully-presented 340-page book features 30 beautiful monochrome visionary illustrations, as well as endnotes and detailed annotations. It is to be published on November 1st 2015, but preorder from THIS PAGE will be available from September 1st. 'On Vision and Being Human' will also be available from Lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other notable outlets in the autumn. A book preview will soon be available.


Some new images and exhibits are now online here at biroz.net, including two new paintings in the Visions 2014 gallery - Thunder Comes To Talk To Me and My Other Soul Is A Jaguar - which will be taken up into a new series of Mexican dream images for an art/poetry publication in late 2016. The artwork Tree Of Life and Death page now has an animation added, in which you can see how all the colours and layers have been built up. More 'Visions' artworks are expected before the end of the year and in 2016, the Voice Project will begin again in earnest!


Xibalba Logo  

Xibalba Books
Announcing the launch of Bruce's publishing imprint

My publishing imprint, Xibalba Books, will soon be ready to roll. I have been self-publishing limited edition art books and occasional collections of poetry for several years under the 'Xibalba Books' name, and with the publication of my new essay On Vision and Being Human, I have decided to formally launch it as a venture and make my formerly limited edition books more widely available. This will include Eleusis, my treatise and painted series on the Eleusinian Mysteries as well as two poetic works, Minver Stories and Xibalba Songs. Two publications are also scheduled for 2016.

D&D Fernal  

The Encyclopaedia of Fernal Affairs
A new and unique International Visionary and Surrealist Art publication released May 29th 2015

I am excited to announce the release of a very special book entitled the Encyclopaedia of Fernal Affairs, a wild and wondrous 245 page revelation of Visionary and Fantastic Art from over 100 artists, and featuring magical myths and artful legends to illustrate the collective vision of a paradisiacal Garden of Fernal Delights that we have been working on for the past two years. Curated by Liba Waring Stambollion​ and Gromyko Semper​, the book also features Fernalese, my invented language which was created for the book, and whose words and characters help weave the unique blend of stories and images into a beautiful vision. The Encyclopaedia is limited to an edition of 1000 copies, and you will not see anything like it on the art market. Click the image at left to explore this unique and fascinating collective expression of artistic joy!

D&D Fernal  

Dreams & Divinities Fernal
May 30th - June 30th 2015 : Bash Contemporary Gallery, 210 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, USA

I will be exhibiting a dual-image artwork from my Fernal World series in this exciting international visionary art show and book launch this coming May/June. The exhibition opens on Saturday May 30th with a presentation about the forthcoming book 'The Encyclopaedia of Fernal Affairs' and a festival of artistic events is also planned from Friday May 29th until Wednesday June 3rd. The Encyclopaedia is an exciting and unique Visionary and Surrealist art book narrating the wonders of an imaginative parallel world complete with its own invented language - see the news item above for more details!


Making Out - The Exquisite Diversity of Desire
May 14th - June 14th : Gallery X, 3 Herbert Street, Dublin, Ireland

My Queer Mythical Hero Lucaion is making his first outing with a voyage to Dublin as part of a show entitled 'Making Out - The Exquisite Diversity of Desire' being held to support the Yes vote on the Irish referendum on gay marriage. He joins a multimedia exhibition of photography, paintings and digital art which express the delightful and multiple spectrum of human love and sexual desire, and I am excited to make my artistic debut on the Emerald Isle in the city of James Joyce with this image expressing such a fundamental aspect of my deepest mythical soul.

Voice Project  

The Voice Project - UV Update!
Creating a 13-panel, 33-ft long visionary mural of the Island of Britain

My Voice Project, my initiative is to create a 13 panel, 33 foot long visionary mural expressing the imaginal and mythical visions of the Island of Britain, has reached an interesting stage, with the acrylic underpainting and the first draft of the UV image completed. I have also significantly ovrhauled the Voice project exhibit pages here on my website, and beautiful scans of the latest stages can now be seen, including the UV image that lends a powerful sense of the project's magical, mythical imagery. Though I've been working on this since 2010 in one form or another, there's a long way to go yet!

archaic visions  

Archaic Visions
A blog of thoughts and explorations from Bruce Rimell on the Visionary Art Exhibition website

On my visit to Mexico in 2014, the talented artist Otto Rapp, who runs the online visionary art hub Visionary Art Exhibition, invited me to begin a blog on the site and thus was born Archaic Visions, a regular column of short, focussed essays upon archaeological artefacts, mythological images and non-Western worldviews. I am also using the blog to serialise my grand thesis on visionary experience in the 21st century, entitled ON VISION AND BEING HUMAN. An illustrated book of this thesis is planned for late 2015, and I'm delightfully grateful to Otto for the space in which to muse!


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