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News & Events

DreamCatcher 2017  

PaintUp with Kamamma - Dreamcatcher South Africa
Melkhoutfontein, Stilbaai, Western Cape, South Africa - March & April 2017

I am delighted to announce I will be returning to the town of Melkhoutfontein, Western Cape, South Africa, to continue the next phase of the PaintUp with Kamamma mural initiative with Dreamcatcher South Africa. This project seeks to restore the cultural memory of the community of Melkhoutfontein, and help to build a prosperous future for the people by transforming their town into a photographic tourist destination. I am extremely proud to be invited back to paint three more murals with the help of volunteers and locals, inspired by the prehistory and rock art of the region. Photographic updates to follow!!


Check out the updates on the PaintUp with Kamamma with new murals following another visit to the community of Melkhoutfontein in South Africa. The Visions section has also been rearranged into two new galleries, Visions 2014-16 and Ta Sba Balamil Ta Ch'ulel, which gathers together all the artworks inspired by my Mexico 2014 visit. It includes two new artworks: Nichimal K'ok' Ta Vitz ~ Flower Fire on the Mountain and Li Batz'i Sk'op K'awiil Ta Sna Vune ~ True Words of K'awiil in the Library. Stay tuned for forthcoming updates on The Voice Project!


Beyond Demons and Angels Flyer  


Cupola Gallery, 178a Middlewood Road, Sheffield, S6 1TD, UK
February 11th - March 11th 2017

I am thrilled to announce :: Beyond Demons and Angels :: my first Solo Show in nearly five years, at Cupola Gallery, Sheffield, UK this coming February and early March.

This retrospective explores in vivid and vibrant imagery what happens when one steps beyond the boundaries of the everyday to look within, when you voyage beyond the dualities, moralities and identities within yourself to commune with the wordless, living images enfolded into each human being.

Along with some of my best works from the past five years, previously unseen works from the Fernal World series will also debut at this show, as well as new works from this year, including the eponymous 'Beyond Demons And Angels'. The exhibition will also showcase my Dual Image Medium, with more artworks of this type on display in a single show than ever before.

An open event takes place on Friday 10th February at 7.30pm. Come and see, and commune with shimmering animisms, playful gods and mythical life-affirming magic!

:: Download the Exhibition Invite PDF here! ::
:: Watch a short film about the exhibition here! ::

Queer Spirit  

Inkwell Arts & Aire Place Studios, Leeds, UK - February 2017

I am very happy that my artwork in honour of the victims of the June 2016 Pulse massacre, Queer Spirit Over Orlando, has been selected as part of Queerology, a two-part exhibition in Leeds in February 2017. My work will be showing at Inkwell Arts from January 28th until February 28th, with an Open Event on February 10th, and a second exhibition at Aire Place Studios in Leeds opens on February 4th. A presentation of artist talks is scheduled from February 17th or 18th - more details soon!

Galerie Flow D&D  

Art for Peace - Dreams & Divinities - Art of Imagination
Galerie Flox, Friesestrasse 31, 02681 Schirgiswalde-Kirschau, Saxony, Germany
August 27th to October 30th 2016

I am delighted to announce the second venue of 'Art for Peace', the Dreams & Divinities/Art of Imagination collaborative travelling show which now moves onto a beautiful gallery near Dresden in Germany. My 2014 artwork Yaxal Vinajel ~What I Saw In The Blue Sky is joining a glittering array of artists including Alex Grey, Brigid Marlin, Liba WS, Mark Henson, Martina Hoffmann, Otto Rapp and many more. I am delighted that my work will be joining such shining company.

Human Condition  

The Human Condition
Patrick Studios, St Mary's Lane, Leeds, UK - August 10th to August 19th 2016

An exciting recent development is this invitation to produce a new Dual Image artwork for this eclectic multimedia group exhibition exploring what it means to be human, with music, sound art, installations and paintings all contributing different insights. I will be debuting a new work, entitled Minimally Counterintuitive Agent Hyper-Detection, representing a new artistic direction towards a cognitive/visionary interplay. An opening event takes place on Wednesday August 10th from 6pm. I will also be giving a talk on my forthcoming book Liminal Contact at Patrick Studios on Thursday August 11th from 7pm.

Beautiful Bizarre  

The Beautiful Is Always Bizarre
Cupola Gallery, 178a Middlewood Rd, Sheffield, UK - August 6th to September 10th 2016

My Dual Image artwork, Fernal Underworld Garden, from the 2013-14 series The Fernal World, has been selected for inclusion in 'The Beautiful Is Always Bizarre' exhibition at Cupola Gallery in Sheffield. For many years, Cupola Gallery has represented my work in the Yorkshire region, and have always been supportive of my offbeat styles, so it is a special thrill to be included in their summer show. I will be attending the opening event on Friday 5th August from 7.30pm at the gallery - hope to see you there!

Dreamcatcher South Africa  

PaintUp with Kamamma - Dreamcatcher South Africa
Melkhoutfontein, Stilbaai, Western Cape, South Africa - Opens 22nd & 23rd March 2016

I am thrilled to have been invited to participate in the PaintUp with Kamamma mural initiative with Dreamcatcher South Africa, which seeks to restore the cultural memories of the community of Melkhoutfontein in the Western Cape, as well as build a dignified and propserous future for the people by transforming their town into a photographic tourist destination. Artists from all over the world are coming to create murals that reflect Melkhoutfontein's rich cultural heritage, and I will be spending 4 weeks from Feb 25th until March 26th painting murals inspired by prehistory and rock art of the region. Come and join us for the launch on 22nd & 23rd March!!


On Vision and Being Human
A new approach to visionary experience in the 21st century - Released November 1st 2015

I am delighted to announce the publication of my book, entitled 'On Vision and Being Human: Exploring the Menstrual, Neurological and Symbolic Origins of Religious Experience'. This essay explores the problems presented by visionary experience in the modern world, and suggests symbolic cognition as a way to come to a new understanding of the human being in the 21st century as living in two different worlds, one of scientific evidence and one of imaginative colour. This beautifully-presented 340-page book features 30 beautiful monochrome visionary illustrations, as well as endnotes and detailed annotations. It is to be published on November 1st 2015, but preorder from THIS PAGE will be available from September 1st. 'On Vision and Being Human' will also be available from Lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other notable outlets in the autumn. A book preview will soon be available.

D&D Fernal  

The Encyclopaedia of Fernal Affairs
A new and unique International Visionary and Surrealist Art publication released May 29th 2015

I am excited to announce the release of a very special book entitled the Encyclopaedia of Fernal Affairs, a wild and wondrous 245 page revelation of Visionary and Fantastic Art from over 100 artists, and featuring magical myths and artful legends to illustrate the collective vision of a paradisiacal Garden of Fernal Delights that we have been working on for the past two years. Curated by Liba Waring Stambollion​ and Gromyko Semper​, the book also features Fernalese, my invented language which was created for the book, and whose words and characters help weave the unique blend of stories and images into a beautiful vision. The Encyclopaedia is limited to an edition of 1000 copies, and you will not see anything like it on the art market. Click the image at left to explore this unique and fascinating collective expression of artistic joy!

Voice Project  

The Voice Project - UV Update!
Creating a 13-panel, 33-ft long visionary mural of the Island of Britain

My Voice Project, my initiative is to create a 13 panel, 33 foot long visionary mural expressing the imaginal and mythical visions of the Island of Britain, has reached an interesting stage, with the acrylic underpainting and the first draft of the UV image completed. I have also significantly overhauled the Voice project exhibit pages here on my website, and beautiful scans of the latest stages can now be seen, including the UV image that lends a powerful sense of the project's magical, mythical imagery. Though I've been working on this since 2010 in one form or another, there's a long way to go yet!


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