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-:- salvia music and sounds -:-

The salvic world is not only a visual or spiritual space, and central to that inner world are experiences of sound and music. I feel that music and sound can evoke sensations, feelings and memories associated with salvia divinorum and the musical pieces here provide a backdrop to some of the visual work, but also stand alone in themselves as expressions of the sonic landscapes and little spirit songs that have impressed upon me during my experiences. So far, two CD projects have been created, and the image links below provide more details.

:: salviasonics ::
sonic experiences with salvia
:: salviasongs ::
dedicatory songs for salvia

The first project :: salviasonics:: carries soundscapes and little spirit songs which are intended to replicate some of the sonic psychedelia I have experienced during salvia besagement. The second project :: salviasongs :: consists of songs which are intended to aid in preparation for a salvia journey. Both have been recorded under the name :: little quetzal ::


Interestingly I feel that the music more closesly expresses not the inner visual journey so much as the developing outer relationship with the plant and subtle perceptual and belief-related changes that salvia can engender. This is an aspect I intend to explore in the future (probably late 2008) with traditional tribal instruments such as ocarinas and tambours...

she switches on lights in my brain,
they hover within and stay awhile...

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