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Welcome to the :: salviaspace :: project website. This work is inspired by and directly drawn from experiences with the Mexican hallucinogenic herb Salvia Divinorum, also known as Ska Maria Pastora, La Maria or Pipiltzintzintli. Here you will find visual art, poetry, music and animated short films, as well as information on a forthcoming book, and a shop where you will be able to purchase art prints and music CDs. You can use the menu options above to navigate or simply use the salvia leaves to move forward or back through each page.

My name is Bruce Rimell and I am a visual and graphics artist based in the city of Bradford in the north of the UK. I most commonly work with narrative, mythological and visionary themes and in late 2004, when I discovered the inner worlds that salvia engenders, I felt very strongly called - as many people do - to keep some sort of journey diary. However, my diary is primarily a visual one, and some of the results can be seen here. Eventually the aim is to publish the results in book form, and work is expected to begin in earnest on the book in the early part of 2009.

I have consistently approached this project as an artist - it's been quite tempting sometimes to change that approach into that of a shaman, or entheonaut, but that would be dishonest. And La Maria always encourages honesty first. And my intention? When stepping onto the salvia road, an intention is essential. Mine has been to seek knowledge, to have the internal barriers of my self and my artistic identity broken down and reformed in the presence of realities which do not present themselves 'outside' of the salviaspace. I have aimed to reflect this in my work, and those who have experienced those inner worlds will hopefully understand. For those who haven't, there may be something that chimes nonetheless...

nujun xca maria yun, xca maria santa yun
xihin han xi emina tsuhun, xca maria santa yun..

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