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-:- gallery six - stadium of light-:-

:: a glowing visit to the heart of the sky ::


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And then there are experiences which, wherever they may come from, are just heartstopping in their beauty. Accompanied by unearthly and half-remembered sounds which nonetheless seem musical, one pushes through the psychedelic cascade onto a whirlwind ride through open spaces and delightful vistas. The breakthrough experience. After training, questions and integrations, she seems ready to induct you into her world. Afterwards, you seem suffused with a sacred sense and a warm gratitude for the experience of the besagement, and it takes days if not weeks for the energetic glow and wonder of the journey to slip into your daily life and even more weeks for the integration with the Consensus Self. For me, it happened when I 'visited' the Heart of the Sky, and the assembled masses who were present at the Stadium of Light.


i slipped below the grass,
the earth opened up in the sky...

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