:: Artist Turns His Studio Into Stunning Psychedelic Gallery ::

British Artist Bruce Rimell turns his studio into a stunning psychedelic gallery of his unique and distinctive artworks.

Art in the time of coronavirus. During the lockdown in the UK in March/April 2020, I decided to spend a day turning my studio into a kind of salon art gallery of a big selection of my artworks from the past ten years. I figured that since musicians have been doing livestreams from their living rooms during these strange times, and museums have been offering virtual tours, I could do something a bit similar, and a bit different at the same time. So I decided to fill my studio - wall-to-wall, floor, bed, window and every available space! - with as many artworks as I could and then filmed it for 20 minutes of 'Slow TV' viewing pleasure. Each artwork is captioned so you can look elsewhere on my website if you want to go deeper and find out more about each piece - see the links below the video. Enjoy!

Artist Turns His Studio Into Stunning Psychedelic Gallery (March 29th, 2020)


26. Beyond Demons And Angels  



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