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-:- besaged without salvia -:-

:: spontaneously slipping into the space ::

I've had moments where I felt besaged without salvia.

The first was a dream
in which I was a member of a group
of scientists researching
the celestial origins of salvia...

Reality rippled
and the conclusions we came to
were wild and salvic...

The second time,
much funnier
and wide awake at work,
watching a student play with an image
of Kermit the Frog...

It was all spikes, sharp edges
and Photoshop liquefied melting greens,
and right there a sudden besagement
with a secret smile...

After a migraine
(yes that pins and needles effect is
a bodily migraine halo)
that sense of unreality,
of being outside time,
she has strengthened it...

Sometimes, I'll look up at the bright blue daytime sky,
the perfect opposite of her nighttime visions,
and it'll ripple like a cosmic background,
outwards from the centre
as if the sky itself has become the rolling space...

And every time
that I feel
so still
that I realise
there is no one there...


i can hear them laughing,
hear their chanting games...

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