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-:- without a shirt (veiled and unveiled) -:-

:: on entering the space with Her ::

I always besage shirtless,
Unveiled to the world,
Open to the air
And the wisdom she offers.

It used to be
Because she made me hot
And that distracted me.

She always appears covered,
Veiled from the world,
Tucked into the pleats
Of her dark blue shroud.

They used to say
That wisdom was a whore
And no one would listen.

But sometimes it is
That wisdom is a secret,
A hidden Maria who waits
For the perfect question.

When you are ready
She doesn’t unveil her body
But enfolds you into her cloak

I stand therefore
Without a shirt in the clear cold
For the clothes I wear
Are the ones she offers me.


again with an inbreath and hold,
the vision constructed deeper...

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