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-:- salvia road -:-

:: the first step is the hundredth step ::

i have
only been with her
seven times,
only dabbled
in her waters
eight times.

and i know
that i tread lightly
on the salvia road
being as i am
at the beginning.

but when i have
been with her
a hundred times,
and when i have
swum in her deeps
a thousand times

i will know
that i still tread lightly
on the salvia road,
and still will i remain
at the beginning.

for no matter how far
i walk with her
and no matter how much
she teaches me,
she is like a kaleidoscope,
a shattered mirror to me

and every day being
like the first day,
and every step being
like the first step,
the salvia road is always
at the beginning…


in a wildly twisting space,
my second voyage but i know someone is with me...

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