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-:- she is so fast -:-

:: on the need for integration and time away from the plant ::

This little plant
Whose drooping leaves
Bend low in a soft breeze:
She is so fast.

The gentlest ray
Of light will make her
Grow up, fall and break:
She is so fast.

She takes my hand
Through winding curls,
And unending swirls:
She is so fast.

Onward rushing,
A rolling heart of sound
To her mesSage:
She is so fast.

I learn and then,
Barely time to see,
A still calm pool:
She is so fast.

She could make me
Enlightened within an hour,
A God within a day:
She is so fast.

But only human,
I’d surely be insane
Within a week:
She is too fast.

I step back,
Take time and wait
To integrate…
(To breathe…)

My thoughts,
My understandings,
My new stuff:
She is so fast.

And sometimes
I simply cannot
Keep up with her:
She is so fast…


a metal crown of mocking kingship
jammed into my skull...

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