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-:- salvia 'dream' reality and consensus reality -:-

:: reason breaks down ::

Of course I know that there is a consensus reality that the majority of us all share in this society, and that it’s largely dominated by rational modes of thought. And these have their uses – one has to be rational to buy a house, to function in one’s job, to interact with other people in daily life…but it’s a mistake to think that rational thought is the only reality mode.

Take the dream I had around the time that Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans and flooded the city. That Saturday I dreamt of being in a large dark room surrounded by black people – in fact I was the only white person there. They all seemed very happy to be there, having newly arrived in this dark room, and were obviously waiting to ‘continue their journey’. When I asked where they had come from, ‘ New Orleans ’ was the reply.

Or, even more strikingly, a dream in which myself and some work colleagues were moving some planks of wood around by a road into a forest, when an elderly woman came along and began singing in a strange language. I woke up after she stopped singing and grabbed a piece of paper, writing down the following: manon ga chi nen. I later find out that manu nka chjine can mean ‘I come to speak wise things’ in the Mazatec language.

How is one supposed to rationally ‘explain away’ such phenomena? Can one merely dismiss them? Obviously one should always maintain at least one foot inside consensus reality to keep a measure of perspective and to ensure that one isn’t lost in the sheer strangeness of it all, but that doesn’t mean that other explanations (including other-worldly ones) shouldn’t be entertained.

And thus, sometimes I find that an experience is better explained not with rational modes of thinking, but the kind of thinking generated during a salvia besagement experience...


utterly empty
and utterly silent...

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