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-:- the dance -:-

:: on body movements with quidded salvia (and with care!) ::

Very close to my heart!
I dance all my life,
I am the dance
and I am danced by the dance!

That felt right to express as a poem rather than prose for some reason. I'll let it stand. I love to dance to focus my intent in preparing for a journey, but one thing I did start to do towards the end of November [2006] during my last season of besagements is dance during the stillness phase of the besagement experience.

One has to move carefully, mindfully and gently in order not to disturb the stillness salvia brings, and one must also maintain balance as ankles, knees, hips and shoudlers flow much more freely than the body is used to. The body is still to certain extent negotiating the swirls and loops of salviaspace rather than 4D consensuspace, so mindful care needs to be taken. Think of it as a moving meditation.

If you don't almost fall over (invariably for me releasing a grin or a couple of giggles - 4D space can be so insistent sometimes...), the dance can produce a beautiful and amusing oneness with the world experienced as a fluttering joy. You flow through the air...


a one-eighty degree turn
and the innervision begins...

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