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This section contains reflections and thoughts on the salvia experience, as well as some poetry which captures some of the things I have felt and seen while besaged. Unlike many people I have never felt that 'trip reports' really capture anything of the essence of the experience for me. Detailing an unreasoned and flowing psychedelic experience with words, grammar and syntax seems to subtract something important from it for me, yet writing is useful in the integration process. Like any unusual experience, salvia besagements tend to 'unpack' slowly in one's mind over a period of days, weeks and months, as the mind, body and spirit try to integrate and attune to what the senses have seen. This is the time of greatest learning...

Laughing At My Own Fear - The first salvic trip report
Salvia Road - The first step is the hundredth step
Nothing - A salvia poem, simply
Mazatec Woman - An encounter with the Lady in her own tongue
She Is So Fast - On the need for integration and time away from the plant
Besaged Without Salvia - Spontaneously slipping into the space
Childhood Memories - Unlocking those toddler years I'd almost forgotten
Chjine - A meditation on the Mazatec word
The Town - Aspects of Sallyville, the archetypal salvic urban cityscape
Unpacking the Stadium Of Light - Notes and reports on my breakthrough experience
Without A Shirt - On entering into the space with Her
The Dance - On careful movements with quidded salvia


la maria pastora,
maestra de corazon santa...

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