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-:- gallery five - the lady -:-

:: meetings with a sacred plant spirit ::


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After a while of use, and during the deeper parts of a salvia journey, many people report encounters with a female entity who appears to be the personification of the plant. At first she is elusive and fleeting as she invites one to come deeper into the space, but after a while her manifestations become more sustained, and with her presence reason begins to break down. Is she some kind of human archetype? How is it she seems to communicate information one cannot possibly know otherwise, such as words of the Mazatec language or directions as to how to treat one's salvia plants? One finds oneself asking whether the plant itself is attempting to communicate through her. Here then, the term 'plant spirit' is a good metaphor for a process I do not wholly understand, but most people know her as The Lady...


to learn what she has to tell me:
this is what I do...

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