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:: Bruce Rimell's Art Archive 2002-2010 ::

This archive showcases work from 2002 to 2009, with particular focus on my formative ink-and-marker works which forms my earliest forays into visionary art and explorations of sacred mythical archetypes. The Salviaspace project portal is also accessible here, containing a wealth of imagery, poetry and video iunspired by salvia divinorum visions. My first formal series, Modern Palaeolithic, which debuted at the Leeds College of Art & Design in November 2009, also features here, as does Life:Blood, my first visionary series. Please click on one of the images below to view. Each page will open in a new browser window.

Life:Blood Life:Blood
A series of large format visionary works exploring personal shamanic and psychedelic visions, seeking to make sacred the image of the human being, from shamanic tearings-apart to icons of human evolution past and future and the night I discovered my bones...
Visions 2008-10 Visions 2008-10
A selection of visionary art from the years 2008-10, a transitional period of changing media, with work inspired by a visit to Bushman rock art sites, dreams, migraines, hypnogogic sensations and the passing of two great visionary artists, as well as a continuation of the DNA Series of works
Modern Palaeolithic Modern Palaeolithic
The final series of ink & marker drawings, inspired by the Palaeolithic experience of the hunter-gatherer as evidenced by rock art and archaeology from both Europe and Southern Africa. Touches on both evolutionary and visionary themes via a conduit to the ancient past...
Salviaspace Salviaspace
A visual, sonic and video project seeking to explore and map the visionary spaces and sublime consciousness-transforming experiences engendered by the Mexican enthegenic herb salvia divinorum. The Project is currently on hiatus but may result in a beautiful art book at some point...
Visions 2003-08 Visions 2003-08
Archetypal and self-luminous works of mythical intent are seen here in these formative drawings representing some of my earliest forays into Visionary Art. The first works in the DNA Series are seen; other works draw from shamanic, dreamlike and analeptic experiences....
Mythforms 2004-08 Mythforms 2004-08
A small selection of ink and marker works expressing the sacred mythologies of the world's peoples, often taking petroglyphic motifs as a launch pad. Images of the Old European ship of fertility frame shamanic imagery from Siberia and the sacred art upon Israel's Mount Karkom...


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